5 Amazing Motivational Videos at Work

1. Dream

In the race for wealth and glory we often stop chasing the dreams we nourished from early years of our lives. The corporate employees lead monotonous lives which is detrimental to growth and skill development. Our dreams ignite the fire within us to work harder till we achieve them. This beautiful video depicts resurgence from a state of crestfallenness which we experience often in our work life. It indeed is not over, until I win.


Having big aspirations is a common finding among the corporate employees. But to achieve the goals, the efforts made need not be drastic or self-exerting. Small differences can make a big impact. We can make minor adjustments to our working technique and attitude to achieve amazing results. This video is about how small things make a big difference. A must watch.


How many times do we face people who tell us that we are useless and cannot do anything right? They may be family, friends or your boss at work. It’s time to prove them wrong. You can do it – You will do it. The biggest rejects once are now the people who are considered as legends and Samaritans by the same set of people. All you need to do is – Never Give Up. Corporate employees are the worst victims to such negativity owing to imposing bosses and peer politics. We can move through it and play it tough by believing in ourselves and sporting a never say die attitude. This video depicts 3 such stories and surely is a great motivational watch.


Achieving organizational success is impossible without an organized team effort. Success achieved can be sustained only via dedicated team work. Team work eliminates the risk of failure faced despite brilliance of individual employees. United we stand is a saying we learnt early in our childhood but have lost the essence of it as we have grown. This video shows how we can overcome the most difficult of situations together. Should make your day.


“You are the creator of your own destiny.” Corporate employees face difficult times more often than not as the corporate arena is getting more viscous with the passing day. Some sail through such times while some suffer breakdowns. It is important to believe in yourself wherever you are. Lack of self-belief may be because of demoralizing peers or a negative work environment. Self-belief helps you to fight your way through tough times and stand up against negativity. And one good initiative can turn the tides in positivity for your entire work place. This video is all about believing in yourself when the chips are down.