Top 5 Android Apps That can Boost Your Work Productivity

Top 5 Android Apps that can boost your work productivity

Working as an employee, I come to realize even though I have a potential to be very work productive, but my productivity at the work place, has a lot of weakness. We come every day to offices with the hope to complete our targets. But by the time, it’s we call it a day, we find ourselves with a big question- Where did the time fly away? I noticed that I as everyone else we stay addicted to phones /devices especially with the huge penetration of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other apps, which are now a necessary evil. How much ever, we try to avoid these, it’s our ‘Social/Gossip needs’ makes us think that if we don’t attend them now, the world would collapse. We have become slaves to these disruptive technologies as they are nowadays called. That’s when I did a research of all the Apps that would bring back some control and sanity in our addiction to devices.

Being an Android junky like most others, here are the interesting Android Apps that would increase your work productivity too like it has mine! I found there are many other websites which give a similar list of productivity Apps but the idea here to help employees working increase their productivity.
I divide these Apps in the following Categories as each of them are for different users and purposes.

Activity Timer – Productivity

This tool helps you set a time estimate for activity and displays the remaining time in countdown timer. It’s more like a Gamification that reminds that you are working against the clock all the time. I tried using it with a colleague of mine where we had to beat each other 5 times a day beat the clock for activities we had set. Quite interesting.

IN 5: Productivity Tool

We all need those 5 minutes breaks to check out Whatsapp group messages or the Facebook timelines but by the time we finish those, we realize we had spent more than 15-30 minutes. This tool is quite an interesting app for the people who browse, watch YouTube videos or tweet whole day without concern for the time. This app enables to set a target of 5 minutes to do an activity using your phone, giving you a 5 minute countdown and reminding you to get back to work as soon as those 5 minutes are over.

Get Shit Done

Screen Shots of Get Shit Done!

This is quite an app for those who need the ‘carrot and stick’ to keep themselves motivated to get back to work. The App is cool in terms of design and actually motivates you to pushing yourself away from procrastinating by using foul language. It actually reminds you think while planning a big activity to break it into smaller task. It has 3 modes- Pussy, Tough and SuperAwesome- Modes varying the no. of breaks you plan to take and other settings for pausing the timer in between ‘for world peace’ and enable you to have 5 minutes overtime and make up for your mistakes. However, I would like to say that it’s definitely ‘Get Shit Done!’


If push comes to shove and office deadlines nearing and you don’t want to be distracted at all, then this app helps you to block out various disturbing apps and websites and set time that those apps can disturb you. You can also set up blocks of time that you want to concentrate on your work so that your creative efforts are not disturbed.

IFTTT (IF This Then That)

Most of the time we spend our time taking saving, transferring from one social media or email to cloud storages, sending forwarding, tweeting what we mentioned on Facebook. IFTTT helps you automate that process and it has 1000s of apps/websites integrated where you can choose your recipe (Recipes are process of integrating apps) amongst million recipes and it’s seriously very easy to try your favorite recipes.

If you know of a similar App that can help in their work productivity, please do leave it on the comments field and I would sure incorporate them later.